Vertical Belt Sander

Product №: RGVBM110RP


Designed for glass fabricators

Industrial wet belt sanding unit for glass edge finishing. Capable of professional quality seaming, polishing, contouring, frost line or satin finishes.
The sanders vertical configuration uses the industry standard 4" x 106" abrasive belting. Sander can be operated either wet or dry.

Proprietary produced urethane roller platen.
The pressure molded urethane offers excellent seaming performance plus greatly enhanced wear life of the roller.
Competing sanders use an older style roller platen requiring more frequent replacement intervals.


The provided water valve unit has a manually operated shutoff valve to provide wet or dry sanding operations. With the valve open the electric solenoid is engaged with the drive motor to provide a twin water spray pattern for any style belt chosen.

The belt auto-tensioning system is simple and reliable, using an industrial grade spring unit. Sanders are shipped with 120 grit belt installed and tension preset ready to operate. Competing units use a gas cylinder for tensioning with potential for leaking. A quick tension release handle is provided for ease of belt replacement; re-tensioning after belt replacement intervals would be a rare event saving the operator startup time.

The frame and water bucket are painted with "Hammerite" industrial coatings for durability in corrosive environments. For additional corrosive control a sacrificial Anode is installed within the water bucket. The bucket is oversized to control water overspray providing a cleaner working environment. The machine also comes with an adjustable front splash guard that can be lowered or raised.


Product №
75 in
Production material


- Belt Size: 4" x 106"
- Weight: 370 lb
- Operates on a 120 volt power electrical service powering a Baldor /hp TEFC motor.