Cosmofen 10 Cleaner

Product # SA2110

slightly dissolving PVC-cleaner

COSMOFEN 10 is a slightly dissolving cleaner used for white PVC-hard profiles in the PVC-window construction and is only suitable for the processing in specialized companies.
COSMOFEN 10 is especially suitable for the glue preparation and the removing of marks and rough soilings.
COSMOFEN 10 is suitable for the cleaning of different non-transparent thermo- and durosetting plastics for a lot of different industrial applications.
The weather stability of cleaned profiles, in connection with the PVCadhesive COSMOFEN PLUS HV, was tested and found qualified by the officially acknowledged testing laboratory for synthetic materials -- Süddeutsches Kunststoff-Zentrum in Würzburg -- under consideration of the RAL guide-line 716/1, part 1, passage 3.2.5.



The surfaces to be cleaned must be dry and free from dust. The cleaning is effected with dry, not staining cotton- or cellulose cloths. If the surfaces are very soiled, it is necessary to clean them in a preliminary way with COSMOFEN 20.
Because of the hygroscopic effect of the dissolved PVC, solvents should be only used under dry climate conditions!
It is usually sufficient to wipe off the surfaces only one time, but if necessary, intensive soiling can be removed by repeating the cleaning
after the hardening up of the material surface.
The working instructions for the polishing or repairing can be taken from the technical data sheet of COSMOFEN 5 (strongly dissolving).